Saresco Afrique is a company based on its own L’ARCHIPEL Duty Free Shop network.

Saresco Afrique owns its Duty Free shops in Western and Central Africa (Benin, Congo, Togo) and aims at growing into new shops and projects such as diplomatic activity, in Western Africa and in Maghreb. Its buying offices, financial back office and logistics support are based in Paris.

The shops are located in airports, both in departure and in arrival areas and near river frontiers (border shops).

The Saresco Afrique team allowed the company to build a strong and competitive business in terms of buying, transportation, storage, logistics and computer science’s constant support.

Saresco Afrique’s leading position in sub-Saharan Africa has given the group the opportunity to build strong commercial relationships with its main suppliers in tobacco, alcohol, perfume & cosmetics, jewels, luggage, accessories, mainly luxury products.

Thanks to its well organized work in the African countries where the company is present, Saresco Afrique is now able to focus on its external growth.